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Grade : AH8015

The 1st recommendation for heat-resistant alloys. Versatile grade with high wear and fracture resist ance.

ISO Range - P/M/K(M10-M20)
ISO Range - N/S/H (H10-H20)(S10-S20)


Cutting Speed for: 6V-TOMG250604F-TSF AH8015 - 6825431
ISOMaterialsMaterial DesignationMaterial ConditionCutting Speed Recommendations (Vc)
S31High temp. alloys Fe based.Annealed :20020-80 m/min
S32High temp. alloys Fe based.Cured :28020-80 m/min
S33High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Annealed :25020-80 m/min
S34High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Cured :35020-80 m/min
S35High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Castr :32020-80 m/min
S36Titanium Ti alloys.:31020-80 m/min
S37Titanium Ti alloys.Alpha+beta alloys cu :31020-80 m/min

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